How to create an Android application? We bet you have forgotten at least one of these aspects!

The Google Play store leads the dance with regard to the number of downloads. It’s also very common for developers to create an Android app first. However before developing an application there are a number of things to know. Already have a great application idea? Great, but how are you going to create it? What are the different factors to consider? For this we have prepared a list of important things to study and keep in mind when creating your Android application.

  1. Market research

Before embarking on the realization of your app, it will be very important to study your market in depth. The objective is to validate the choice of platform and business model. Although Android is the platform with the most downloads, iOS is best known for generating better profits for its developers. If you want to create an Android app, it will be important to adjust your revenue system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and does not target the same markets.

However, the fact that Android is more than 80% of the smartphone market will allow you to reach a larger community of users. This dominance of Android in the smartphone market is not negligible and can be clearly seen as a major advantage. The use of webs apk comes here.

  1. Screen size

Unlike iOS, Android does not have standardized devices like the iPhone or iPad. There is a huge variety of screen and device dimensions on Android. This involves making sure that the application can adapt to each screen size. If you do not want to have a negative feedback on this, it will be essential to ensure a uniform experience on each type of device according to the different screen sizes.

  1. Translation of the application

As we mentioned earlier, Android has a larger user community. If you want to make full use of this community, you will need to translate your application into several languages. This will allow you to have a better impact on the markets on which you want to operate. The language barrier can be a real problem for your users. It will be up to you to adapt to different markets and not the opposite.

  1. Android is not iOS

One of the mistakes that developers often make and keep the same design on iOS and Android.It’s not just about design. Indeed this also concerns the standards of use of the application. iOS and Android have different standards , whether at the design level, or even the user experience . As a result, the same application will not look exactly the same on different platforms. Although the features remain the same, users do not have the same habits regarding UX and navigation within the application. That’s why it will be very important to adapt your application to Android standards.
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