8 Ways To Grow Your Mobile Game’s User Acquisition Strategy

8 Ways To Grow Your Mobile Game’s User Acquisition Strategy

The success of chartbuster games proves how mobile games can be a wonderful source of revenue for many developers. However, to reach their destination these games need much more than a superior storyline, and engaging gameplay, and high-quality graphics.

Developing an effective mobile game user acquisition strategy

Every time you launch a new game for the mobile market, the first two things that you need to start doing is to market it and marketing it with the right message. It’s essential to make it noticeable and attractive to the audience to lure them in. Not just that, you should also consider other tips such as going on branded trips and busking in the subway, all so that you can attract more attention to your game. However, the most important thing to remember is that mobile game developer needs to become social. They should talk to people about their games, and find the right people to promote them. Here are some of the best ways you can grow your user acquisition strategy for mobile games.

Implementing a Mobile Game User Acquisition Strategy

What mobile game developers need is a great mobile game user acquisition strategy, a plan which guides them through every stage of game marketing and user acquisition. For instance, it can help them decide the most optimal campaign types, discover the best in class creative teams, target the right mobile users at the right time, take into account the differences between different game genres, and measure game campaigns and results to know what’s working and what’s not. Here are some key questions which could prove beneficial in growing your game’s mobile user acquisition strategy. 1. Is the audience mobile? Over 60% of the world’s population is now living outside of cities and towns, residing in “fringe settlements.

Targeting the right user

A mobile game’s user acquisition strategy begins with locating a person with whom you can form a mutually beneficial relationship. For example, you might find a relevant high-level player on your own, or you can reach out to a player who has lost interest in your game and is looking for a way to return to gaming. In order to attract the right players for your game, you will need to answer questions such as: Who are your ideal customers? What is their behaviour? What do they enjoy? What do they respond to? 3. Align with the right mobile ad network After getting a sense of the potential customer’s needs, the next step is to connect with a mobile ad network that will help you find a person who can successfully accomplish your goals.

Engaging the right player

When you have an idea for an exceptional game, there are several steps to take before launching. First, consider the players’ expectations for the game. You should be able to provide them with the desired experience. Why should you be doing this? With mobile games, revenue is primarily driven by acquiring players in a way that brings a solid return on the cost of acquisition (ROC). In this article, we are going to discuss a few key considerations for expanding your reach, and your game’s prospects for profitability. Be sure to check out our infographic below. When your game launches, focus on generating interest among players. Think about the type of content that you are likely to attract.

Optimizing with analytics

This is where advanced analytics is a critical part of the mobile game marketing mix. Besides helping in driving user acquisition, analytics can also help identify where your games are lagging. This is where monetization on the platform can be optimised, at any point of the buying cycle, to ensure that the user makes an informed decision to pay for your game. Aggregating insights Webinars and in-person meetings with influencers are usually the first steps for the marketing and sales of an app to grow. A successful marketer wants to know what is working on the platform, and what is not. The starting point for all marketing and sales professionals is gathering quantitative insights on the platform, particularly on where is the user pool at different stages of buying decision.

Section 6:Wrap Up

Following are three essential steps to driving users to pay for your game and helping you establish a loyal user base.

Moreover, a lucrative monetization plan for a mobile game cannot be achieved unless a well-trained marketing team is in place to keep their players engaged. But is there a secret formula to boost your game’s user acquisition (UA) strategy? How are you going to increase your game’s audience? How do you make sure you reach out to your targeted audience? How do you engage your users so they will be continuously engaged? Read on to find out 8 ways to grow your game’s UA strategy. 1. Create Clear Direct Mail and Email Campaigns Depending on your business model and genre, it is important to go for direct mail campaigns to target your ideal audience. But if you’re a small studio, then you can still use email marketing tools to distribute your game content to your target audience.

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