What To Expect From Android 11

What To Expect From Android 11 | Android 11 Release Date

What To Expect From Android 11 | Android 11 Release Date. Android 11 New features And how to install android 11 update on your phone.

Android 11 release date

Android 11 has been released by Google. Like always, in order to get the update you need to download Google’s Pixel or Nexus phone. How to update your Android phone Android updates roll out in phases, which means it could take weeks for some devices to get the update. To see if your phone is on the list, go to Settings > About phone > System updates. Your phone’s new software version will be listed there. Android 11 Android developers say that the update is specifically designed to make app crashes less likely, as well as make apps more responsive. Google has also introduced a new privacy feature called “Android security patches” which will notify you about any patch issued to fix security issues. One more feature added is “No-shave facial recognition.

Android 11 features

1. Power to switch on/off the camera even when the screen is turned off 2. Support for low power cameras 3. Multi-window support 4. New gestures in Android 5. Instant app-loading 6. Improved accessibility 7. Battery improvements 8. More ‘accessibility’ Android mobile operating system (OS), also known as Android has been developed by Google which was first developed for Linux with the purpose of making the Internet faster, more accessible, and user-friendly. This software has got various features and functionality to cater to the needs of the users. Moreover, most mobile phones run on the Android operating system. Therefore, there are many different versions of the android operating system such as the old android OS, the current Android OS, the new android OS and so on. Android 7.

How to install Android 11 update

So the fun part of learning about a new Android release is finally here! Android is no more a closed environment. Rather than testing on your phone or PC, the company issues updates on phones and devices, so you won’t have to wait forever for the updates to be released. In order to download and install the update, you have to first update your phone to the latest security patches, which are released on a regular basis by Google. Since more and more features and customizations are required by the OEMs and end-user, Google provides its own system to provide them. It is not only security patches that Google provides to OEMs, but also monthly security updates, which are available on two separate platforms, Google Play Protect and Google Play Services.

How to install Android 11 update on your phone

Via Android blog Back in 2017, Google has started working on the OS code name for the upcoming Android version. This Android OS update is now named Android P and Google will unveil the Android P later this year. But we can expect to hear more about the Android version this year. When Google announced Android P, this OS release will bring several new features to the smartphones, such as a new navigation method, a redesigned system UI, AR sticker support and more. The Android P will be released to the public in late 2018 or early 2019. So, Let’s check out some of the new features you can expect to see in the Android OS version. 1.


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